Issue 4 - Page 24

16th Jun 2017, 6:00 PM in The Collector's Impulse
Issue 4 - Page 24
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Steven-Vincent 16th Jun 2017, 6:00 PM edit delete
Final story page of this issue.. Back inside and outside cover finish out the month and then in July we begin the next 3-part story arc!
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jamie59 16th Jun 2017, 7:22 PM edit delete reply
Well if Liberty Lass is too difficult to stop she could kill him & it would satisfy that agreement.
Comic Fan 16th Jun 2017, 11:51 PM edit delete reply
I thought the same thing!
Chris 16th Jun 2017, 7:27 PM edit delete reply
I like how our evil villainess has her own evil font for her speech bubbles. Nice touch.
Comic Fan 16th Jun 2017, 11:56 PM edit delete reply
I also liked two other things. Kluge saying he wants her "dead". He used the "d-word". Too many comics and movies use the word "destroyed" instead. Political correctness run amok. Say what you mean, and Kluge does.

The other thing I liked was the assassin saying she would "handle it," and likewise saying what that means, with out a PC aire. Nicely done.
Steven-Vincent 17th Jun 2017, 8:36 PM edit delete reply
Yes and she has a very deep and reverberating voice.
Centcomm 16th Jun 2017, 11:36 PM edit delete reply
ive seen blue films start like...
Haegan2005 17th Jun 2017, 5:22 PM edit delete reply
Oh my. This could get interesting. This may involve a kidnapping or three. This is why a secret identity must remain secret or else the hero faces all kinds of threats to the family.
Steven-Vincent 17th Jun 2017, 8:35 PM edit delete reply
Yes, secret IDs are important.
E-hero Vulven 18th Jun 2017, 9:03 PM edit delete reply
E-hero Vulven
The wording can be twisted to work against Mr. Bad Guy here. I read this without the context of earlier pages.
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