Issue 6 - Page 7

9th Feb 2018, 6:00 PM in Into the Darkness - Part 2
Issue 6 - Page 7
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Steven-Vincent 9th Feb 2018, 6:00 PM edit delete
Night shots in DAZ are the bane of my existence. Trying to make the school's windows look lighted up but not too bright took a good deal of work. It doesn't help that this is an older model that does not have individual surface maps.
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chk 9th Feb 2018, 10:00 PM edit delete reply
Looks good though.
Comic Fan 9th Feb 2018, 10:08 PM edit delete reply
Yes, looks good.

Hey, doesn't her phone have a built-in flashlight? Just sever the creature's wings and then wait 'till dawn!
Steven-Vincent 9th Feb 2018, 11:56 PM edit delete reply
She doesn't carry the phone with her anymore as LL since she has the goggles.
MK_Wizard 10th Feb 2018, 7:48 PM edit delete reply
This is what I miss in superheroes; a sense of mercy. Even after what this entity did to Liberty, she still doesn't want to put it down. Good going, friend.
Steven-Vincent 10th Feb 2018, 9:13 PM edit delete reply
Yes, Liberty Lass has an old fashioned Code Against Killing. Glad someone else appreciates it.
Justin 12th Feb 2018, 2:54 PM edit delete reply
I wanted to give you a head's up that I'd reviewed your webcomic on my blog. Hopefully, you'll consider it a kind assessment. That's certainly the way it is intended. Thanks for the entertainment!
Steven-Vincent 12th Feb 2018, 6:20 PM edit delete reply
Thanks for the thoughtful review.
Centcomm 2nd Mar 2018, 6:48 PM edit delete reply
I know this set.. LOL outdoor shots in general are a pain in the rear, nicely done
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